Our Mission

We’re on a mission to simplify the home repair process by making it more accessible and efficient for all, with a focus on the most stressful event of most people’s lives - buying a home. We are revolutionizing the future of real estate buying and selling with our software platform that saves real estate agents and homebuyers time, money, and the hassle of coordinating home repairs.

Jeremy R. Henley, Founder and CEO at TheQwikFix

Our Story

TheQwikFix was founded to solve a persistent problem in the real estate transaction process. Our Founder, Jeremy Henley, was selling a home and could not believe how difficult and stressful it was to work through a few issues that were flagged in the home inspection report.

There was very limited transparency during this process, with one side asking for massive credits and threatening to walk away from the deal, while no one actually had a solid understanding of the costs associated with the issues that were flagged, or a contractor to quickly quote and repair the issues. Jeremy turned to his agent and asked why this was so difficult, and the response from the agent was, “It is like this every single time. Dealing with repair credits and home inspections is the worst part of being an agent!” This is when the idea for TheQwikFix was born.

With his experience in home repairs and hiring contractors for many rehab projects across the country, Jeremy knew there was a better way. He leveraged his professional experience as an executive in the software industry with companies at the front of the machine learning and artificial intelligence space to start building what would become known as TheQwikFix. This innovative technology solves a problem facing real estate agents and their clients, but also serves as a hub for licensed and vetted contractors to get consistent business. Our platform turns home inspection reports into detailed and competitively-priced repair quotes from local, licensed contractors, and is revolutionizing the real estate buying and selling process.

Our Founders

  • Jeremy R. Henley

    Founder and CEO

    Jeremy brings extensive experience in sales and management, having worked for two tech startups and three multi-billion dollar corporations, as well as creating a real estate investment company to buy, sell and hold property. Even still his most cherished accomplishment is his family: Jeremy is a proud father of six children, five boys and one girl, and husband to an amazing wife.

    His passion for life and sense of adventure has led him to many places around the world, several via sailboat, which is his favorite pastime. Born on a farm, Jeremy comes from humble beginnings and was raised with strong values of hard work and doing whatever it takes to get things done. These experiences and values have set the foundation for what TheQwikFix has become.

  • Carl Conte

    Co-Founder and Head of Contracting

    Carl brings a wealth of expertise to the team. With a finance background in lending and insurance, he also has experience as a general contractor with a strong understanding of systems, stemming from his first career in the US military. Carl has hundreds of remodels of all types under his belt, many with Jeremy as they rehabbed homes around San Diego County.

    Outside of work, Carl can be found enjoying his favorite pastimes: spending time at the lake, getting in a good workout, and most of all - playing with his beloved dog Kuda.

    Carl takes great pride in his work and strives to provide exceptional service to TheQwikFix customers and contractor partners. He recognizes that customer satisfaction should always be top priority and works hard to ensure that clients feel heard and respected throughout every step of their experience. Carl’s extensive knowledge in the industry and passion for helping others make him an invaluable asset to our team as we strive to continue providing top-notch service for our customers. You can read more about what our customers are saying here.

  • Garrett Garvin

    Co-Founder and Head of Operations

    Garrett joined Jeremy in February of 2020 and has worn many hats while helping to grow TheQwikFix into the company it is today. Before joining TheQwikFix, Garrett worked as a professional poker player. He brings the competitive energy and innovative thinking from the card table to TheQwikFix. At his core, Garrett is a problem solver - whether it requires hours or research or learning something new, Garrett finds solutions.

    He became a father in the summer of 2022, and he and his wife love to travel to places they can hike, bike and camp. They look forward to including their son on these adventures.

  • Daniel Hartensveld

    CTO - CDIA

    Dan has spent the last twenty five years using technology to automate the collection of data from unstructured sources. He has built systems to handle the timely processing of things like paper medical records - which are hugely variable in their formats - on a massive scale and with short turnaround times. He is proud to be the founder of a successful technology company with both happy customers and happy employees for the last 21 years.

    Outside work, Dan snow skis roughly forty days each season, mostly with his son Wyatt, splits a dozen cord of wood a year by hand while volunteering at the Batiquitos Lagoon in Carlsbad, and reads far too many science fiction novels. The idea of faster, better AND cheaper is what drew him to technology in the first place and continues to keep the fires burning to tackle complicated problems.