We had a great experience with QwikFix and would highly recommend them to anyone going through the home buying/selling process as it pertains to dealing with requests for repairs.
This is best company come to real estate. They make my life simple. They provide quick quotes for you to use for negotiations or for request for repairs and if you need to work done they take care of this quick and professional. i highly recomended this company and will use them for all my deals.
I have used Qwikfix multiple time for my clients and I highly recommend them! They are very fast at sending a quote back for the cost of repairs from a Home Inspection Report. It is so convenient to not have to meet multiple contractors at the property. It is definitely worth the cost of the quote. The owner, Jeremy, is also very responsive and makes sure his clients are happy. I hold a high standard for companies that I work with and Qwikfix checked all the boxes, so they definitely deserve all 5 stars from me.
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